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What does it mean to be able to learn a daf of Gemara?

For a boy, success at learning Gemara is about so much more than the learning itself.
It’s his self-esteem. His feeling of success and accomplishment.
His connection to Yiddishkeit and his identity within Torah society.

At Ofek, we believe every boy has the ability to succeed at Gemara.  Using our unique, 3-pronged approach to holistic learning remediation, we help boys and bachurim who are struggling with Gemara learning unlock their potential by discovering the root of their problem.  This approach looks not just at the child’s learning abilities but also his overall character and temperament, environmental factors and more.    

Machon Ofek is endorsed by leading rabbanim, and receives guidance from Rav Yehoshua Eichenstein, Rosh Yeshiva of Yad Aharon.  

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About Rabbi Yitzchok Weiss

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An American-born Boyaner Chassid, graduate of Litvishe yeshivos, and close talmid of Rav Shlomo Wolbe, zt”l, Rabbi Yitzchok Weiss trained for over 15 years under the renowned chinuch expert Rabbi Yeshaya Webber, where he learned how to identify the root of a child’s learning difficulties and come up with effective solutions.

Rabbi Weiss has expanded upon Rabbi Webber’s approach by moving beyond academic learning to take a more holistic look at the child and his needs.  Drawing on his near-decade experience in the field, he opened the Ofek Institute in 2018, where he has used his specially-developed approach to holistic learning remediation to change the lives of hundreds of children around the world.

Our Method

Ofek’s comprehensive holistic evaluation process discovers the root of the learning difficulty, and enables us to develop an effective individualized treatment plan for each child. The result? A child who learns how to utilize the strengths within himself to achieve not just learning success but improved self-image, character, maturity and simchas hachaim. Who learns not just Gemara, but skills for life.

The Process

We scrutinize the child’s broader life functioning and map his every strength and weakness, to evaluate what’s holding him back from growth.
Based on our findings, we build a personalized action plan with clear objectives and specific, actionable goals.
One of our trained Melamdim works with the child, under the guidance of a supervisor. Regular assessments monitor progress, ensuring that the goals are met.

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Rabbi Weiss’s methods are based on years of hands-on experience, and are endorsed by leading Rabbonim

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