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Join the hundreds of melamdim around the world who are taking their professional expertise to a whole new level.

As a rebbi, you have the power to impact young lives forever.  That’s why you went into this field, and that’s what motivates you to keep working at your avodas hakodesh, even when you have students who are challenging. And you know that it’s specifically the challenging ones who need you most. 

Here’s your opportunity to take your professional expertise to a whole new level.  To learn the skills you need to help every single student succeed, no matter how much he’s struggling.  With this training, you’ll expand your own professional horizons, becoming qualified to identify and remediate whatever learning difficulties are holding a child back. 

Most of all, you’ll expand your student’s horizons – and transform his life for eternity.

In our courses you will learn how to:

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Course online for Melamdim – english

Online learning course
Rabbi Yitzchok Weiss
Founder and CEO


30 May 2024
Thursday | 10:15 AM
1,000 $

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